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B & J Offers Choice

Whatever your surface finishing needs, B & J offers you a choice of treatments to get it done right.  We'll finish your projects on time with attention to the details.  With perfectionists like us, would you expect any less?


We use top quality materials including Glidden, O'Leary, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paints.


We're experienced professionals in the commercial painting industry.  We have an intimate understanding of a wide variety of businesses and can hit the ground running for you.


Our projects have involved a wide range of situations, including auditoriums, churches, communication towers, factories, fast food stores, food coolers, gymnasiums, hospitals, prisons, schools, steeples, train trestles, warehouses, and water treatment plants.

Painting and Repainting

We paint all types of surfaces including walls, floors, ceilings, and equipment.  We apply epoxy paints, metallics, cacoon and multi-colored coatings.  Also, we can paint in any situation.  When necessary, our painters use swing-stage scaffolding.


We can prepare any surface for repainting.  Our on-site inspector determines the best method of removing old paint from the surface, whether chemical stripper, power water wash or sandblasting.  We can solve any surface problems and leave a finish like new again.


Prior to repainting, we conduct an on-site inspection to test for high alkalinity--which causes new paints to fail within weeks--and learn how many coats of paint are on the wall.  We submit paint chips for laboratory testing of lead content so that disposal laws can be met.

Lastly, we test for moisture in surfaces, as this will cause peeling.  If high moisture is found, it will be necessary to correct the source of the problem.  We also determine the condition of any mortar joints, as ones in poor condition cause paint to fail.  Alkalinity (ph) in new block must also be measured and addressed properly.  Failure to do so could result in coating failure. 


If it's made to cover a wall, we can hang it!  Our crews are well trained to prepare new surfaces or refinish the old.  We easily handle special problems encountered with complex rehabilitation work.


We hang a huge variety of wallcoverings, including ordinary pre-trim, burlap, scenics, vinyl coated, lining canvas, textiles, wall carpet, acoustical, and paper-backed vinyl.


Our experienced crews restore surfaces to attain maximum adhesion of paint.  We carefully sandblast block or metal surfaces so they remain undamaged.  After an on-site inspection, we will suggest the procedure most appropriate for your project.


            Brush blast: Quick removal of loose paint.

            Commercial blast: Removal of paint and rust.

            Near white: Removes all but the stain of rust.

            White metal: Removes all material and stains.

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